Sitting at your desk for hours ..., pondering over grammar exercises ..., swotting vocabulary ... and all that without any effect worth mentioning! You have the feeling you are getting nowhere. Seem familiar?

Then forget learning English, as you know it.

Englisch lernen mit Superlearning Seminaren

Participate in one of our Superlearning seminars and experience something very special.

You will not only learn English, you will experience it ... and you will do so with all your senses.

Without stress and difficulties with learning.
Our trainers are qualified in Suggestopaedia and therefore know how to present the material to be taught in a varied way by means of games, music, movement and relaxation.

Our seminars take place in a relaxing environment which encourages successful learning. In addition to everyday English courses for beginners to advanced, we offer specific courses on the following subjects: English for callcenters, business English, English for secretaries and English for bankers. We would of course be willing to put together a seminar to suit your needs.

Englisch lernen mit Superlearning Seminaren

"Everyone who has learned his native language, can also learn every other language, on the condition that he uses the method that he once used as a child."

Marc H. Leis, Founder Alpha College