Sheridan Webb ...

Englischlehrerin Sheridan Webb... born 23.7.68 in Congleton, GB

1986-1990 degree in Nottingham.

1991 certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) in Sheffield.

Since September 1991 employed as freelance English trainer. Since 1995 self-employed.

1999 basis training in suggestopedia in Pößneck.

2005 Recognition of Modern European Studies degree as equivalent to 1 state examination required for the teaching profession in Germany (the first of two exams). This included a written and oral exam at the Ruhr University, Bochum.

... and how it all began

As a student of German in GB it is usual to spend a year in Germany as part of the university degree. I decided upon a year as an assistant teacher at the grammar school in Donauwörth, Bavaria. This article appeared in the annual newspaper in the summer of 1987:

The Splash of Colour

Sheridan Webb StudiumThe fact that the average age of our our staff decreased in a flattering way in the course of this school year, is especially thanks to Miss Sheridan Webb from Howden in Yorkshire, who as an assistant teacher from September until the end of June, brought a change into the grey everday school life and not only with her way of dressing.

The student of German was only 20 years old when she looked into the whites of the pupils eyes for the first time with remarkable courage. For that reason it was no surprise that Sheridan did not see herself as only a teacher but as a friend, who because of the very practical similarity in age, immediately established contact to the pupils.

She taught in all classes and placed a lot of importance on providing contrasting lessons to those of the other teachers: in the lower school she helped make an English class newspaper and was involved in a video group. In her conversation lessons she tried to acquaint the participants with the notorious English humour and in the more advanced courses she provoked heated discussions on the theme of equality for women. Furthermore, she did a lot for the reputation of English cuisine. Her enormous Christmas dinner for the upper school got rid of numerous culinary prejudices. Sheridan's commitment was also shown by the fact that she voluntarily accompanied a school trip to London, even though her contract had already finished in June.

The teachers will also miss the at all times friendly and ready for a joke Sheridan and not only because we are all collectively getting older.

D. Prankl