Customers and references

Here you can find a number of my regular customers. Please click the appropriate company to read extracts of my references.

Stevens English Training - Essen

Steag AG - Essen/Dinslaken

Technische Akademie Wuppertal (TAW)

Lehnkering AG - Duisburg

Schulverbund WIPA - Essen

Roeser Medical - Mülheim

Gelsenwasser AG - Gelsenkirchen

Thyssen Krupp Stahl - Bochum/Duisburg/Dortmund

GIP am Imbse - Moers

Westmed - Duisburg/Mülheim

Viktor Ridder GmbH - Wetter/Ruhr


Fastenrath Befestigungstechnik GmbH - Plettenberg

SIHK - Hagen

ISS - Duisburg

Signode - Remscheid

Alpharma-Isis - Langenfeld

Boehl GmbH - Hückeswagen

Werner Fuhr & Partner - Bochum

Yara (ehemals Hydro Gas & Chemicals) - Oberhausen

Wilhelm Alte GmbH - Plettenberg

August Friedberg GmbH - Gelsenkirchen

Schrauben Betzer, Lüdenscheid

Robert Adolf Hessmer, Plettenberg

Eduard Hueck GmbH & Co. KG, Lüdenscheid

E.ON, Essen

König Project Management GmbH, Essen

H2U aqua.plan.Ing

Hohendahl Wellkarton GmbH, Essen

Crown Credit Services GmbH, Bochum

Krohne Messtechnik GmbH, Duisburg

GfT GmbH, Essen

Stevens Logo

Stevens English Training, Essen

"Ms Sheridan Lesley Webb was an English teacher at our institute from 1 September 1991 until 30 September 1995. Ms Webb gave English courses in companies as well as private lessons and she also gave evening courses after work at our school. The topics covered included English for Managers, Technical English, Business English, everyday English as well as examination preparation courses such as Cambridge First Certificate (CFC), Certificate in English for International Business and Trade (CEIBT). Ms Webb was also chosen to give superlearning seminars.

Ms Webb stood out because of her careful lesson preparation and had a lot of energy and a sense of responsibility for her work. We have received very good feedback from the course participants she taught and our business partners. When questions about the organisation and course planning arose, Ms Webb was always cooperative and reliable.

Her friendly nature made her popular with course participants, business partners as well as with all her colleagues ..."


Steag Logo

Steag AG, Essen/Dinslaken

"You have been a language trainer for English in our company internal language courses. In the past as an employee of SET Stevens English Training and nowadays as a self-employed trainer after setting up your own business ..."

"You carry out the demands made of you in a professional manner and to our utmost satisfaction and are also reliable. You build up a trusting relationship with the groups assigned to you, which makes learning in a stress free situation possible ..."

"When our new year for apprentices/trainees began in 1997, you took over the language training of our trainee office staff ..." - "... You tested the trainees and the choice of the appropriate materials was left to you ..."

"... In a short time you have managed to build up a good relationship with the young people and have thereby created a good working atmosphere ..."


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Technische Akademie Wuppertal (TAW)

"... On passing on her English knowledge she showed a high level of academic competence, was always reliable and could build up a good relationship with the course participants ..."


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Lehnkering AG, Duisburg

"... Ms Webb integrated very quickly into our company and was regarded highly by all our trainees ..."


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Schulverbund WIPA, Essen

"... we are pleased to confirm in writing that Ms Webb carries out her duties in an extremely reliable way and with a lot of commitment. She always prepares her lessons thoroughly and knows what it means to convey the material to different groups of pupils, well thought through both methodically and didactically. Furthermore, this is also practical and achieves the aim it sets out to. Her academic competence is indisputable. Owing to her ever present friendly nature and her constructive behaviour when problems need to be solved, she is highly regarded and is popular ..."


Roeser Medical, Mülheim

"... The English training was very successful after a very short time and this is useful for our daily business. The quality of the presentations prepared can be measured by the excellent response we received from the participants in meetings. The same can be said for the translations you have done. You teach with a high level of commitment and know how to fill the different participants with enthusiasm for the lessons. Your friendly nature, your polite behaviour and your willingness to help are appreciated by the course participants ..." - "... We look forward to working with you in the future."


Gelsenwasser Logo

Gelsenwasser AG, Gelsenkirchen

"... Ms Webb knows how to make the course contents listed above fit the respective course participants exactly, be it in terms of the level of difficulty, the requirements the participants have or the amount of material to be covered. Ms Webb knows how to structure the content of her lessons to achieve the aims set out, in a strictly organised manner and in a pleasant atmoshere. The participants from different groups consider the work together to be valuable and on target to reach the aims set out. Everyone concerned has got to know Ms Webb to be methodically able, reliable and competent ..."


Thyssen Logo

Thyssen Krupp Stahl, Bochum/Duisburg/Dortmund

"... In this time she has shown exceptional skill with the participants, was able to meet their needs in a targetted manner and thus safeguard and increase the success achieved while learning. She was reliable and was well versed methodically and didactically. She will continue to work in other groups in future."


GIP am Imbse, Moers

"... Ms Webb was responsible for Business English in the further education courses Euromarketing for Managers and Multimedia Design ..."

"... Ms Webb worked in a reliable way and was valued to the same extent by the management, the colleagues and the course participants of the GIP School of Economics. She has at her disposal a high level of academic competence and knows what it means to adapt quickly to different group structures and to prepare her lessons in an educationally targetted way and to make her teaching come alive. The successful results achieved by the participants in their exams at the London Chambers of Commerce and Industry are proof of this. The lessons given by Ms Webb were very well prepared, very well structured and were always carried out to our utmost satisfaction. Her great willingness to work and her competence make her a valuable freelance worker, who always lived up to our expectations ..."


Westmed, Duisburg/Mülheim

"... You teach with great commitment and know how to fill the different course participants with enthusiasm for the lessons and to reduce possible inhibitions the participants may have regarding the English language ..."


Ridder Logo

Viktor Ridder GmbH, Wetter/Ruhr

"... From talking to our students we have learned that Ms Webb is an excellent teacher with good teaching skills ..."

"... Ms Webb has managed to increase the understanding of the English language substantially ..."

"... Ms Webb is very patient and takes time for her students. She has a clear way of explaining. Although most people in our company have improved their skills, we will continue to utilize Ms Webb in training our people further ..."


Logo Prinz


"In spite of the differing abilities of the employees, Ms Webb was very quickly able to find her feet in her new task and achieved good results by means of her individual and intensive lesson preparation. As Ms Webb knows how to convince by knowing her stuff and by her personal competence, she has received very positive feedback from all of the course participants.

The variety of aspects covered in her lessons makes them interesting and diverse. The employees have promptly been able to see the progress been made in their different fields and to use this in their work.

Ms Webb wins owing to her absolutely correct and loyal behaviour, as well as due to her politeness and readiness to help. We will be pleased if the absolutely successful cooperation will continue for as long as possible."


Logo Fastenrath

Fastenrath Befestigungstechnik GmbH, Plettenberg

"As a supplier of the automobile industry worldwide, we purposely decided upon employing a native speaker and decided upon you on the basis of a recommendation from H. Prinz, Plettenberg. Looking back we see our decision to hire you as confirmed. Within a short time you have succeeded in motivating the participants and in increasing a willingness to learn ..."

"... You know what it takes to go down well with the more advanced students and those with less experience. On the one hand that can be put down to your style of teaching and on the other to the acceptance of your character."



Südwestfälische Industrie- und Handelskammer, Hagen

"We have experienced Ms Webb as a competent trainer, who by means of her friendly and understanding character and the knowledge of her subject, again and again succeeds in teaching successfully and achieving the aims set out, even though the participants are not always at the same level. The feedback from the seminars and courses is very positive."


ISS Logo Deutschland

ISS - International Service System A/S, Duisburg

"The participants have made considerable progress in this time owing to the excellent specialist competence and the personal commitment shown by Ms Webb. The attendance in Ms Webb's courses was always high and Ms Webb knew how to motivate and inspire the participants.

The reliable preparations made and the structure of the lessons, as well as the fulfilling of the lerning goals have ensured continual and sustained success for the participants.

By means of her professional way to know how to reach agreements with the relevant counterparts in a company, Ms Webb has always proved to be a reliable and competent interlocutor ..."


Signode Container - Verpackungssysteme, Remscheid

... We contacted you as you had been recommended to us ...

After a very short time it was already possible to see that clear progress had been made in all three groups. This is certainly the result of the training method that you use. All course participants value your reliability, your teaching ability as well as the friendly way you train our employees.

We can recommend your training programme and we base our opinion on the complete satisfaction of our employees. Other companies associated with us have also decided to learn English with you because of the good experience we have reported.

Looking back on our cooperation until now we only have positive comments to make. We have therefore decided to trust you with training our employees in future.

We are looking forward to a continued successful partnership with you.


Alpharma-Isis, Langenfeld

Sheridan Webb has been an English teacher at our company since October 2002. She gives English courses for beginners and advanced groups for all of our departments. She teaches in a very friendly and professional way in a stress free atmosphere. Sheridan is structured and always well prepared. She was very quickly integrated into our organisation and she builds up a good relationship to "her pupils".

She translates letters, presentations and reports for Alpharma-Isis exceptionally well and quickly. We are looking forward to our further co-operation.


Boehl GmbH, Hückeswagen

We came into contact with Ms Webb dut to a recommendation from Ridder, another company which like us is a part of the ITW group ...

The courses consisted of technical and office workers with different levels of English knowledge. Both courses were avidly attended by our employees and progress could be ascertained after only a short time. She even managed to teach the English language to the "most difficult of cases" owing to her friendly and affable manner, her good didactical abilities and her English humour.

The lessons were always varied and interesting and the material was always practical and conveyed in a disciplined and determined, yet relaxed manner. Furthermore, she was a great help with the preparation for an LCCI course as a billingual secretary.

She also worked for us as a translator for technical texts and operating manuals, as well as English presentations. Also here she worked in a practical, good, fast and reliable manner.

She was an enrichment for our companyand was equally valued by management and employees. We are very sorry that we are no longer able to continue with the training due to company decisions made. Nevertheless, we will continue to trust her with our translations in the future. We can stongly recommend the training with Ms Webb.

We wish her all the best for the future and thank you for the nice time.


Werner Fuhr & Partner, Bochum

We are a company of tax consultants and our clients come from all over the world. In order to improve our contact to our clients and to improve their understanding on filling in their tax declarations, we decided to offer an English course to our employees. We heard about you from Mr Manfred Heister (Thyssen Krupp Steel) who has been attending one of your English courses for many years ...

To gain more practical experience we trained telephoning clients and meetings with clients. This very individual aspect of our training enabled us to cope better with our everyday work.

Ms Webb is a very keen and reliable teacher. She always tried to make our wishes part of the lessons.

Ms Webb also translated our homepage into English.


Yara (ehemals Hydro Gas & Chemicals), Oberhausen

Ms Webb convinces with her competent and interesting style of teaching that made all participants want to attend the training and who made good progress.

She is absolutely independent carrying out her lessons and checks the progress being made, which is necessary.


Wilhelm Alte GmbH, Plettenberg

Ms Webb was recommended to us by Prinz Verbindungselemente GmbH, Plettenberg. We have been working together successfully since 2003. Besides the fact that she is a native speaker, her English lessons stand out because of:

We would like to take the opportunity of thanking Ms Webb for the commitment she has shown in our company until now and we look forward to a pleasant and successful cooperation in the future.


August Friedberg GmbH, Gelsenkirchen

Ms Webb has been teaching English at our company for 3 years. The aim of this has been to prepare the employees for telephone calls, correspondence and meetings of a technical nature. Ms Webb understands how to adapt the teaching material (level and amount) to suit the participants whatever their previous knowledge.

Ms Webb is able to convince by means of target oriented training. In so doing a pleasant atmosphere is created for all concerned. Our employees are able to put the things they have learned into use in their every day work. The employees that have taken part in the training value Ms Webb as a polite, helpful, reliable, competent trainer with sound methodology.

Furthermore, Ms Webb has also translated parts of our homepage.


Schrauben Betzer, Lüdenscheid

Ms Webb has been giving in-house English lessons to our employees from the commercial and technical fields, as well as to the management, since November 2005.The teaching concept comprises 2 lessons per week for each group - intermediate and advanced. The lessons encompass predominately training by means of conversation including exercises to further improve grammatical knowledge and the usage of specific vocabulary from business life.

As Ms Webb can also speak excellent German (in addition to her English mother tongue) she is able to follow the thoughts of her participants. Her training has already led to a clear improvement of the use of English in our company. Furthermore, the participants also value the humorous way the lessons are organized.

Ms Webb was recommended to us by PRINZ in Plettenberg. We also look forward to cooperating with her further in the future.


Robert Adolf Hessmer, Plettenberg

We were introduced to Sheridan Webb via Wilhelm Alte GmbH ... The lessons are always flexible and adapted to fit current eventualities. Grammar and learning vocabulary have lost their problematic nature owing to her competent and interesting way of teaching.Our English knowledge has improved considerably over the last 1 1/2 years. We are looking forward to woking with Sheridan Webb in future.


Eduard Hueck GmbH & Co. KG, Lüdenscheid

... Her teaching comprises training conversation with the aim of losing the fear of speaking as well as grammar and vocabulary exercises.

She makes the lessons interesting with her nice and competent manner. She has the gift of being able to focus on the participants and thereby increasing the level of motivation and the willingness to learn. Ms Webb has done this successfully.


E.ON, Essen

... You taught me business English for six months and gave me the necessary confidence in both written and spoken English. I was impressed by the speed at which you were able to come to terms with the new field of exploration.

I would willingly recommend you any time ...


König Project Management GmbH, Essen

... She stands out due to her highly professional attitude and her effective and professional teaching manner.

Everyone involved enjoyed the lessons and the participants were soon able to recognise that progress had been made. In the time stated above Ms Sheridan Webb was successful at helping the participants to become fluent in both spoken and written forms.

Furthermore, she translated our homepage and our brochure.

We are very sorry to have to end our lessons as a certain level has now been reached. However, should we ever have any new employees working internationally, we will definately come back to you.


H2U aqua.plan.Ing, Krefeld

Ms Webb was recommended to us by an employee who had experienced her English training at a former employer (YARA). The contents of the lessons are conversation, grammar, general improvement of lingusitic content, vocabulary training and giving presentations in English.

Ms Webb is convincing in her teaching style due to her adapting the material to suit the participants and her way of teaching and motivating. A good level of progress has been made ...

We would highly recommend lessons with Ms Webb every time.


Hohendahl Wellkarton GmbH, Essen

... We were very satisfied with her abilities from the very start. Ms Webb organised the lessons in a practical, targeted manner with lots of variety. Ms Webb was always courteous, pleasant and a reliable business partner.

The English lessons will be stopping at the end of February 2013. The lessons were an absolute success and the employees were impressed.


Crown Credit Services GmbH, Bochum

... Ms Webb adapted her lessons to suit the needs of the pupils. She was always in the position to provide a training programme tailored to the specific participants and leading to quicker learning and a high degree of motivation achieved by efficient and varying teaching methods.

... Ms Webb was flexible in her organisation and in the implementation of teaching methods and was able to adapt to the changing participants in the groups. She was willing to react to the wishes the pupils had and managed to improve the level of the groups continually. She knew how to motivate the pupils of all levels and how to get them involved in stimulating discussions which was particulary useful for the contact with our foreign business associates and our English affiliate.

Ms Webb's particular strengths, in addition to her competence in her work are her reliabilty, and her friendly, calm and collected personality. She was appreciated by and was popular with all participants due to her positive charisma.


Krohne Messtechnik GmbH, Duisburg

We were always totally satisfied with her performance and would certrainly come back to her again if required.


GfT Logo

Gesellschaft für Elektro- und Sicherheitstechnik mbH, Essen

A further main focus was:

- the translation of technical documents and
- daily correspondence or reports required by our customers in English

In addition to her impeccable and professional qualifications, Ms. Webb stands out due to her helpful nature, optimism and friendliness. Our employees still enjoy participating in her lessons after nearly 3 years.